Commissioning A Portrait: The Process

To begin, please click over to the Portrait Agreement and read the stipulations. Some of your questions may be answered in the FAQ's.

Then, please contact me so we can directly discuss the portrait you have in mind. My prices are very affordable and I will do my best to accommodate your budget as well as your vision.

Ideally, I like to spend some time with the subject, and take my own photos of them. I like to have several photos of the subject to look at that show them from different angles in order to get the most complete sense of the whole person. This allows me to study the planes of their face, see how their expressions change, and get a sense of their personality and unique beauty.

Depending on where you live we can either arrange to meet, and I will take photos of the subject for you to choose from, or you can email me a copy of your favorite photo, along with a few others for reference. I will let you know how I think they will work for our purpose.

After we have chosen a photo, we will discuss any changes to be made. For example: we might want to change the color of clothing, simplify the background, or eliminate distracting objects. (See the example of “Toby”.)

When we have finalized all the details, a deposit of 20% of the total fee can be sent to my PayPal account, or you can mail me a check, and I will begin the painting process. If you change your mind, and decide not to have a portrait made, before the painting process begins, I will refund your deposit. We will stay in close contact via email, or phone, throughout the entire process. I will email you a photo of the painting when it is almost completed to ensure that everything is completely satisfactory.

When the portrait is finished, I will send you a final photo of it for your approval, we will complete the payment process, and I will ship it. If the total cost of the portrait exceeds $1000, shipping will be FREE!