Rachel K. Schlueter's blog - www.rkschlueter-oils.com/
Rachael is a very talented Eureka, CA artist who melds abstract gesture with representational form.

SoHumMade - www.sohummade.com
Dedicated to showcasing the artists, craftspeople, and musicians of southern Humboldt County, California.

PV-Cables - www.pv-cables.com
A valuable local resource, PV-Cables specializes in the manufacturing of renewable energy products with outstanding customer service.

Daily Paintworks - www.dailypaintworks.com
At Daily Paintworks you can easily explore, find, and buy beautiful art. They make it easy for you to search through our over 50,000 paintings. And with over 850 artists and 140 new paintings every day, there is always something new to discover. I'm a member!

The Humboldt Arts Council - www.humboldtarts.org
Humboldt County’s largest multidisciplinary arts organization, focusing on working in partnership with artists, arts organizations, community groups, and schools to strengthen the arts’ accessibility and impact as aesthetic, personal and social resources.